You’re Just One Business Letter Away From A Fortune

Chapter 1 of How to Write a Business Letter that Makes Money

It is worth a great deal of money to know how to write business letters that get results; I speak from experience, having, as a composer of business letters tons of opportunities for seeing just what the right kind of letters are capable of.

For instance, I know of one letter that maintains a business in New York employing some ten people, and which yields the owner, over and above all expenses, an income of approximately $1500 weekly. One letter employs ten people and gives it’s owner $78,000 a year. Not bad.

I know of another letter that maintains a big collection business in the lower end of Manhattan. This business is now run by a woman who inherited it on the death of her husband; absolutely without business knowledge of any kind, she was compelled to lean on this letter for support and its automatic mailing to certain specified lists of people has enabled her to maintain what is a profitable business, and to provide her two sons with a fine education, and a beautiful home in expensive apartments up-town.

These are merely chance recollections of what a single letter, used continuously day after day and year after year, is capable of doing, and from this angle I have always been very much impressed with the fact that a single good letter of the right kind, mailed to the right list of people, is frequently worth more to its possessor than a big investment the highest yielding investment.

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