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Welcome Friends of Kevin Rogers

I’d like to thank Kevin for the kind words he wrote in the e-mail that guided you here.

If you’re on Kevin’s list there’s a good chance you are a copywriter, someone who wants to be a copywriter or a business person who has an interest in copywriting. The common thread being – copywriting.

Copywriters collect things.

Some people collect figurines or stamps.

Some people collect comic books or action figures.

Copywriters collect great ads. They do it to study and model the masters. They do it to swipe ideas and borrow structure. But they also do it because they’re fascinated with the history of the copywriting and marketing game.

Let me take you behind the scenes for a glimpse at some of that history:

Everyone loves a good story. In fact, story is what made the Wall Street Journal letter that Martin Conroy wrote so successful. A story of two men. One goes on to become successful and the other stays run-of-the-mill.

The ad ran for 28 years – straight.

You’ve no doubt read the letter. You may also have seen the TEXT of a 1919 Civil War letter that other copywriters have published that may have been the inspiration for the Martin Conroy “Two Young Men” letter. But there’s more to the story behind the story. While you may have seen the TEXT of that 1919 Civil War Ad – today you will get to see that ad in its original format and add it to your private collection of swipes.

But there’s more – there are other ads BESIDES the Civil War letter that Martin Conroy might have used to swipe from. Letters that haven’t been looked at by copywriters for 30 or 40 years. Letters that instructed Martin Conroy. Ads that can instruct and guide you to the common threads just beneath the surface of great copywriting.

So here’s what’s up…

I’d like to offer you a free copy of my 13-page PDF that goes through my take on the history of the $1 billion letter and the ads that I believe Martin Conroy used to create that letter. While I give you that history in the PDF I’m also going to reveal to you a textbook on copywriting that there is no doubt in my mind Martin Conroy used to perfect his art and that may have been the ultimate source of his inspiration for the “two men” ad. You won’t find this book on any “best copywriting books” lists, but it truly is one of the best copywriting handbooks of all time. You’ll want to get a copy. You’re also going to get the swipe file of ads – in their original layout. Four “Two men” ads plus a bunch of others.

I was originally going to make you opt in to get all this, but since Kevin is a good friend I’ve decided against that.  Listen, opting in to my list would be great – for you and me.  You will get great content that you won’t see anywhere else.  I don’t pound people with offers (haven’t made an offer to my list since 2007) and we’ll probably end up becoming friends on some level.  But there are these things called “cues.”  Cues trigger feelings.  Ever hear a song that made you remember a good time – that’s a cue.  Anyway – the whole forced “opt-in” thing often cues people to get bad feelings and I want you to have good feelings.  I also want Kevin to have good feelings about sending you here.  So…

I am going to give you the direct download like to the PDF swipe file.

I would ask that you consider joining my mailing list though. If you have any interest at all in copywriting, persuasion or marketing you’ll be pleasantly surprised by my content. You’ll learn new techniques, new ways to look at marketing problems and you might even have a breakthrough or two. Who knows?

So I’m going to put the sign up box for my newsletter right here and if you sign up you’ll get the link to the PDF automaticallly. If you’d prefer not to sign up, just scroll down to the bottom of this post for the direct link.

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