Salty Droid Clone Wars+Frank Kern Stealth Sell+Illiterate in the USA

Here’s the monthly update for September 12 through October 12…

Frank Kern Secret Pitch to Stealth Sell Kajabi

Frank Kern wrote a post about a week ago telling everyone they should be their own “guru.” Essentially the post is a rant about how people should stop buying advice and start taking action on their “business.”

Here’s a snippet:


…Unless you’re bull-headed enough to immediately put what you learn into action. (And then get right back to work when your first attempts inevitably present some challenges).

And if you’re waiting until you get some big amazing revelation before you actually do something, you’re going to be waiting a long time. There ain’t one.

Well, that’s not entirely true. There is one …but it’s just kind of anti climatic. Here it is:

Some Stuff Works, Some Doesn’t.

And the stuff that’s worked for lots of other people will probably work for you too …if you put in the effort.

See …that’s the key word there.


Sounds awesome.

The Interwebs went wild writing posts about how wonderful this Kern advice was. Golden.

But I haven’t seen anyone go further than the surface message.

Persuading people to do what you want is as simple as guiding them through a progression of thoughts that lead them to the desired activity. It’s an “adjusting” of mental “architecture” in a way that results in the actions desired.

This is what Frank Kern is really doing in his post

He’s speaking to a crowd of people who have purchased tons of Biz-Op-Style IM courses. Most haven’t had much success. In fact, most haven’t even set up a website.

So here comes Frank meeting these people in their “mental space.” He then takes it further by prodding them to read old courses and take some immediate action. All good so far but…

Where is this all going if not just to give people some good “advice”?

Here’s another quote:

Invest in business instead of buying more stuff about business. Revolutionary concept!

If people buy into the idea presented in Frank’s motivational post then the action that is desired will come naturally once something that resonates with the idea passes into the prospect’s awareness as a choice.

What will be passing into the awareness of Frank’s readers soon after the post?  Kajabi.

What is the action desired? To buy Kajabi.

Frank Kern’s post is merely a mental architecture pitch designed to create the proper mental atmosphere for the target audience to buy a “pick and shovel” – “get to work product” – which of course Kajabi is.

A Nation of Illiterate People who Like Video

I’m not going to pretend I’m a scholar or that I don’t often mangle grammar and sentence structure. But I do read – a lot.

I don’t think everyone should be an avid reader but the fact that people are willing to watch 20 minutes of text scrolling on a screen while listening to someone read somehow disturbs me. I can’t put a finger on it. I’ll put my uneasiness aside to tell you that after posting about the Bill Bonner Text Videos, dozens of emails from insiders and a blog have unanimously told me that the new video/text format not only works – it’s working outrageously well.

That said I won’t be using it on this site anytime soon. Hopefully I have more than a couple of readers on my list.

Salty Droid Clone Wars

I find the Salty Droid’s website very interesting for numerous reasons and especially from a persuasion standpoint. Unfortunately as the Salty Droid’s blog skyrockets in popularity, it’s spawning two breeds of dumb asses:

1. The person who thinks they are going to create a site like Salty Droid’s to attack their competitors (Lame and not even close to what SD is doing).

2. The kiss-asses that are in the IM-Biz-Op business in some shape or form but want to pretend they are somehow different and above all the other biz op peddlers. Look – if you’re selling people anything that teaches you how to find a “niche” then you are in the biz op business because (very simply) a person that already has a business doesn’t need to find a niche. Also if you provide legal services and disclaimer “shovels” to biz op people then even though you’re an attorney – you’re still in the biz op industry. So get a grip.

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At home Christopher Tomasulo is your average dad with three kids. However, here at Covert Comm he is known as “Doc Sulo” and he mind-warps crowds with a tiny flutter of his left hand. He clothespins ideas to unsuspecting gray matter. He speaks lemon-yellow words that splash into ear canals and squeeze themselves into refreshing influence lemonade. It has also been said he's half-way decent at making complex persuasion and influence techniques simple.
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14 Responses to Salty Droid Clone Wars+Frank Kern Stealth Sell+Illiterate in the USA

  1. Frank Kern says:

    Hi Doc,

    First of all, this blog is awesome. I’ve never seen it. Just noticed it when I saw the pingback notification after you linked to my post.

    Anyway – I wish I actually put as much preparation into my promotions as your post suggests.

    In this case, I wrote (and mailed/published) the post on Sunday after meeting with my friend (mentioned in the post) earlier in the week.

    I wasn’t even thinking about the Kajabi promo at the time …as I’d forgotten all about it right up until later in the week when I got an email from Andy basically saying, “dude – mail my damn video!”

    Had I been deliberately doing a sneaky promo for Kajabi, I would have included more reference to having tools instead of books. Tools symbolizing action where books symbolize “analysis paralysis”.

    But really, the best pitch to the market for Kajabi would probably be to address the pain of overwhelm (too many apps to learn – HTML, FTP, and so forth) …and then logically explain how Kajabi is a good fix.

    I find your post (and the mental architecture stuff) very fascinating though.

    • Thanks for stopping by Frank.

      You wrote: "But really, the best pitch to the market for Kajabi would probably be to address the pain of overwhelm (too many apps to learn – HTML, FTP, and so forth) … and then logically explain how Kajabi is a good fix."

      This IS the pitch that is used for Kajabi – on the Kajabi website.

      A Mental Architecture pitch doesn't have to be that blatant.

      It can be used as a way to make people RECEPTIVE to a pitch or to PRIME them to resonate with ideas or appeals when they see them in the near future. So they say or feel (unconsciously) "Hey – that fits in nicely with what I've been thinking about. "

      It doesn't need to be blatant and in fact it's often less effective if it's blatant.

      I don't believe you when you say that you forgot about Kajabi until a few days after you wrote the post. But that's neither here nor there.

      With the number of pitches you've done in your life you could have easily done this unconsciously – but then again – I doubt you did.

      Either way – your post is a good example of a Mental Architecture Pitch and I appreciate you coming by to comment.


  2. Frank Kern says:

    Typing this on the iPhone so excuse the double post. Anyway – meant to add that if you’d like to do an interview on the mental architecture stuff and then just give it away to everyone, that would be pretty cool. So email me if you want to do something like that.

  3. Doberman Dan says:

    Hey Doc,

    Thanks mention my blog post.

    It's nice to know somebody is reading it!

    All the best,

    Doberman Dan

  4. @Doberman,

    I'm really irritated at myself that I've not been commenting on your blog. Dude, I READ YOUR BLOG!! I've got to say I find your insights and your thoughts to be brilliant.


    Thanks for a great post. I was actually waiting to hear your thoughts on the meta-messaging aspects of the Salty Droid blog. I'm neither for it, nor against it, but a somewhat interested observer.

    I think your mini-argument with Frank here is interesting (I would tend to believe you though…) and I also think your take on vendors also being indirectly on the biz-op industry is worth thinking about…and just might be valid.

    Thanks for posting.

    • Thanks for stopping by Gogo.

      You wrote: "I also think your take on vendors also being indirectly on the the biz-op industry is worth thinking about… and just might be valid."

      Well I am certain they are in the same industry. The thing that bothers me is the pontificating. It's sleazy.

      It's one thing when someone complains because they purchased a product or even if an outside party wants to save the poor and downtrodden. It's an entirely different and completely disgusting thing when people that are IN the industry start pointing fingers at other people in that industry… screaming to all that will listen how much more moral and upright they are than their competitors.

      And when people start talking like "Internet Marketing" is some kind of new industry that needs to be policed by insiders – I get sick to my stomach.

      Marketing on the Internet is something YOU DO – it's not an industry.

      And what most people label "Internet Marketing" is not a new industry. It's a variation and re-labeling of the Opportunity Seeker/Business Opportunity industry that's been around forever. Calling it "Internet Marketing" doesn't change a thing.

      But all that aside, my bottom line on this is – saying you have more morals than your competitor doesn't make you more moral. It does make you a sleaze ball.

  5. Doberman Dan says:

    I r a riter!


    I MEANT to say:

    Thanks for MENTIONING my blog post.

    At my own defense, I haven’t had my coffee yet so all the brains cells aren’t firing correctly! 🙂

  6. Ryan Healy says:

    Doc Sulo – Excellent post. Whether Frank was being intentional or not, it’s still fascinating to see your analysis of his post/promo combo.

    The video/text thing is strange to me too. I know it works, but I personally don’t like to sit and watch a video with text. I’d rather read it 3x as fast. But maybe it’s the slowing down and the audio/visual combo that forces people to really absorb the sales message. Just a theory.


  7. Ryan says:

    Salty Droid clones? I find that hard to believe, Chris… What are you talking about?

    No one with a life would aspire to be like Salty Droid… or would they…


    hope things are going well…

  8. Rodney Daut says:


    Are you going to do that interview with Frank Kern about the sales architecture stuff? If so, let us know when you do.

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