3rd Party Perceptual Installation (3PPI)

In the following definition think of yourself as party 1, the person to be influenced as party 2 and the person that is doing the perceptual installation as party 3.

A 3rd party who has exceptional rapport, credibility or both with a 2nd party you have little or no contact with will exert perceptual control of that person’s impression of you and this perception will filter or modulate the meaning given to your actions when you meet the 2nd party. These perceptual alterations are often so powerful that they change how the 2nd party defines or classifies your behaviors.

Some people like to think of 3 Party Perceptual Installation as a “pre-first impression.”

It can be used for people or for products but the method is distinguished from other similar methods like testimonials or endorsements by the fact that it changes the perception people have of an individuals or product’s behavior and the interpretation given to that behavior.

For example I can say that I recommend Joe Marketer because he is a great marketer and I think you will learn a lot from him that will help your business. That would be considered an endorsement. On the other hand, if I said that Joe Marketer is a guy to emulate if you want to get good at marketing. You’ll notice that he wears t-shirts and flip-flops and talks with a lisp and if it was anyone else I wouldn’t even pay attention to him but I think you’ll find it’s refreshing not to have someone so polished and who is so down to earth and when you hear the message he has to offer and apply it you might be amazed. That would be a 3rd Party Perceptual Installation. Notice the endorsement is just that – an endorsement. A Third Party Perceptual Installation on the other hand attempts to have the person perceive the behaviors of an individual in a certain way – giving them pre-defined meanings and interpretations of behavior before the parties meet.

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