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Salty Droid Clone Wars+Frank Kern Stealth Sell+Illiterate in the USA

October monthly update that includes a story on how the massive success of the Salty Droid blog has spawned a bunch of clones that make a mockery of the robot. Also how a motivational blog post by Frank Kern is really a disguised pitch. And finally some feedback I received on the Bill Bonner Video Sales Letter Post. Continue reading

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Bill Bonner’s Daily Reckoning Video Sales Letters

The ads that The Daily Reckoning and other Agora publications run have changed their advertising format. Will the new format sell as much as the old? Continue reading

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“Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father…”

July thru August 2010 monthly report on articles of interest on persuasion and influence across the Internet. This month’s articles have a Star Wars theme. Continue reading

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