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At home Christopher Tomasulo is your average dad with three kids. However, here at Covert Comm he is known as “Doc Sulo” and he mind-warps crowds with a tiny flutter of his left hand. He clothespins ideas to unsuspecting gray matter. He speaks lemon-yellow words that splash into ear canals and squeeze themselves into refreshing influence lemonade. It has also been said he's half-way decent at making complex persuasion and influence techniques simple.

Dr. Seuss – Advertising Genius

Learn about Roy Williams concept of “Seussing” and how you can use it to turn advertising from boring and bland to exciting and unique. Also find out about a boatload of Dr. Seuss illustrated ads that you can add to your swipe file. Continue reading

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Cialdini Social Proof or Hotchkiss Imitative Suggestion?

In 1924 a George Burton Hotchkiss copywriting book suggests that people use social proof in ad copy but calls it “imitative suggestion”. Are imitative suggestion and social proof the same and are they a form of hypnosis? Continue reading

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Salty Droid Clone Wars+Frank Kern Stealth Sell+Illiterate in the USA

October monthly update that includes a story on how the massive success of the Salty Droid blog has spawned a bunch of clones that make a mockery of the robot. Also how a motivational blog post by Frank Kern is really a disguised pitch. And finally some feedback I received on the Bill Bonner Video Sales Letter Post. Continue reading

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Bill Bonner’s Daily Reckoning Video Sales Letters

The ads that The Daily Reckoning and other Agora publications run have changed their advertising format. Will the new format sell as much as the old? Continue reading

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The Sales Pitch Plus Four Other Pitches Every Persuader Must Master

The sales pitch is used in every medium. Newspaper advertisements + radio ads with immediate calls to action, late night TV infomercials and door-to-door salesmen all use a sales pitch to sell their goods. This article defines the sales pitch and contrasts it with 4 other types of pitches that you can use to persuade and influence. Continue reading

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